Welded beams

Welded beams (WQ, HSQ, I, BOX) are often used in multi-story constructions, as they promote a cost-effective construction process. The WQ beam is an integrated beam that is cast at the height of the top and thereby offers a very low construction height while having a high capacity. The beams are torsionally rigid due to their box shape, which is a great advantage during the installation of concrete elements. WQ beams can be individually designed according to the requirements of the building structure, they can be used with both concrete and steel columns, and they can realize even complex architectural visions.

The WQ beam is protected on three sides by concrete, and only the lower flange must be surface treated. Fire insulation and/or final surface treatment can be performed either in a workshop or on-site.

We manufacture welded plate beams in our own workshop on an automated welding line.

Key benefits of using the WQ beams:

  • rigid,
  • good capacity,
  • low construction height / ceiling thickness,
  • surface treatment according to the customer's wishes,
  • equipped with safe lifting devices,
  • compatible with both concrete and steel columns,
  • easy and very fast installation,
  • allows for individual design,
  • suitable for the construction of complex architectural forms and shapes.